The Notebook Computer Buying Dilemma: Which One?

fujitsulifebook.jpgOne of the benefits of being a technology writer is that you have access to just about any technology you want to try out. By the time I ready to buy my next computer – it’s about one month over due – I’ll have had the opportunity to check out notebooks from Dell, HP and Lenovo.
For some reason, Fujitsu has not traditionally been on my list of notebooks to try out. However, recently I had the opportunity to spend some time with a Fujitsu Lifebook V-series notebook.
I’ve been using a Lenovo computer for the past year and it’s held up to my abuse quite fine. However, it’s time to look for another computer due to general wear and tear, limited hard disk space and the need for MORE memory!
Opening up the box containing the Lifebook was a pleasure – that fresh notebook computer smell just brings waves of happiness over me (don’t you have those feelings too?).

What I immediately liked about the Lifebook is that it’s a solid machine. Some notebooks have a “mushy” feel, like they have to be treated delicately, not the Lifebook. Although I’ve never spilled anything on my notebook, I appreciated the “spill resistant keyboard” it has. The spill resistant keyboard gives users enough time to turn the keyboard upside down, moving liquid away from the inner workings of the notebook’s mother board. Toshiba has an overview of the spill resistant keyboard here.
I also liked the single latch design of Fujitsu’s Lifebook which lets you open it with one hand.
The Lifebook comes with 2GB of RAM and 120GB hard disk for $899. As a comparison I had a look at what Dell gives you for $899.00. For $869, which includes a $50 instant-savings (which could be here today but not available another day) you get pretty much the same thing, plus a way to access your calendar, contacts, presentations and media files without booting up the computer.
If you’re looking for a notebook computer consider Fujitsu. It’s got a full line of computers to meet every need and budget. The V-series is not fancy, but definitely made for a low budget that needs solid power.