Using & Getting Rid of Your Dusty Stack of Business Cards

I’m sitting in my kitchen teaching my children how to do a product review with the CardScan 800c business card scanner.

The benefit of this particular lesson is that instead of me scanning a stack of business cards, as part of this review, my children can do it. I guess this is a bit like outsourcing.
What’s quite clear and first apparent about the CardScan 800c is that it’s very, very fast. There’s no hesitation and cards are spit out the back of the unit as fast as you can put them in, using monochrome.
I’m also happy to see that the bundled software is feature rich. It’s simple to use but has enough features to make it something that’s quite worthwhile for every business profession.

The CardScan 800c is about as long as the length of 2 business cards. I’s just small enough to keep in your business bag. If you’re a professional whose work means you have a stack of business cards at the end of the day, getting a CardScan for Christmas or for anytime is simply a must.
Setting up the CardScan 800c was simple. I installed the software, answered a few questions, and with no reboot needed, your ready to start quickly scanning business cards.
CardScan has a full line of business card scanners to meet every budget and need.

  • Personal
  • Executive
  • Team
  • Lead Qualifier
  • CRM

Other than price, what differentiates the line of CardScan devices is the embedded software features (such as Outlook, GoldMine,, etc integration), speed and a few other subtle differences.
I’ve used other business card scanning software and CardScan has done an excellent of making the bundled software as good as the scanner.