Using Your “Cash Register” to Prepare For Holiday Sales 2008. (It’s Too Late for 2007)

This holiday season 2007, if you have not implemented customer loyalty programs and customer relationships management software for the customers in your retail store, you’re going to miss out on a lot of sales.
You should feel bad about this, but NOW is the time to prepare for the 2008 Holiday Season.
Your $75, over-sized calculator (some call it a cash register) is just fine for ringing up orders like in the days of Little House on the Prairie. But if you want to increase sales you need more than just a basic cash register.
You need a full featured, but simple to use, Point of Sale (POS) system.
The advantages of a (POS) system, such as the newly updated one from QuickBooks is that instead of just a simple cash for an exchange of goods with your customers, you can offer them incentive based rewards for shopping with you.

Why do you think credit card companies and airlines reward you for using them? Because they know that when it’s time to buy that $2,000 computer system, you’re going to use the credit card that helps you get credit towards air tickets or some other incentive.
Your customers are the same way.
Right now, if you don’t have a POS system, all you can do is smile and say thank you to your customers and chat up those who have given you more of their business over the years.
However, with a true POS system, not only can you better manage your inventory and have seamless (no double entry) accounting, right at the point of sale you can recognize customers (even your new staff can) and reward them for purchases, depending on the dollar purchase amount or what they purchase. All of this you can easily program into your POS system.
Just like the bigger retailers or a good hotel, the software automatically tracks customer purchase history, providing insight into spending habits and supporting more accurate targeted marketing efforts.
If you’re interested in a Microsoft POS solution you can find theirs here.