When Caller ID is Intelligent You Benefit

Wouldn’t it be great if when a phone call came in, you knew more than just the telephone number that was calling you? If you run more than one business or wear many hats, some calls you want to take and other calls you want to forward to someone else or let voice mail take care of.
Virtual PBX is launching a pretty neat upgrade to its traditional caller ID, called VPBX SmartID. With this new service you can see the NUMBER that was called to reach you. Maybe you have one telephone number for your pet grooming business and another telephone number for your veterinarian public relations business. When customers call in you you can now choose how to respond to the call or if to even take the call depending on what number is being called.

Another neat feature is that no matter what phone you are using, you can have your business’ phone number appear on the receiving caller’s caller ID. Maybe you’re calling from your home, your parent’s house or a restaurant. Instead of your clients seeing this number and maybe trying to call you back at that number in the future, they only see the caller ID of your business.
“We’ve made Caller ID much more powerful,” said Greg Brashier, vice president of marketing for Virtual PBX. “Our VPBX SmartID feature, an industry first, is bringing a new level of business intelligence to our customers. It is highly customizable and can provide different benefits for differing needs. For example, our clients can assign a prefix or suffix to be displayed with the caller ID information for each call that comes through our system. When they see a caller ID number with the prefix or suffix, they know who is calling, and that it’s a business call. We can even tell them whether the call was for sales, support, or another function, so they can be much better prepared before they pick up the phone.”
Keep in mind CallWave and SimulScribe’s services as well – which convert speech (in voice mails) to text delivered via your cell phone’s SMS.