Why A Tablet Could Be Your Next Computer

Dell recently launched its first tablet computer in its Latitude line of computers, which Dell targets to businesses. Dell is one of the last computer vendors to launch a tablet PC. HP, Gateway and Lenovo have had tablet notebooks for some time. What’s particularly unique about Dell’s new entrant is that its 12.1″ screen and sub 4lb weight make it quite light and very mobile.
For some time, I couldn’t imagine myself purchasing a table computer, however, there are some clear benefits.

  • You can swivel the screen around to show an audience in front of you.
  • You can flip the screen so it becomes a “table” that you could use with digital pen

For certain vertical industries such as health care, construction and real estate a tablet computer could be considered a must.

Traditionally Dell is usually not the first with new technology, but it waits until the market matures and then launches a product.
Dell’s tablet computer, unlike its competitive predecessors is also the forerunner to emerging multi-touch capabilities that allows the use of more than one finger for tasks such as zoom and repositioning a picture, to name a few.
Cnet writes To target outdoor, all-day commercial users, the Latitude XT comes with upgrade options of an extra bright outdoor-viewable LCD display (which adds to the thickness of the notebook), an extended battery, which clips on the bottom of the device, as well as the option of an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and a 32 or 64 GB solid-state drive.
If you want to save money, a tablet computer will set you back over $2,000 – in Dell’s case $2,500. But if you find that a traditional notebook is not convenient for you, investing in a tablet computer would be well worth it.