Why You Should Accept PayPal Payments

Selling online is a bit like a roller coaster. It’s fun to watch sales increase, but it’s a bit harrowing to watch sales decrease. Overall the ride, if you’ve done your homework and things are going well is great. One aspect of sales that you should consider is which payment options you will accept.
Of course, every retailer will accept Visa and Mastercard and probably American Express. However, what about accepting paper check payments, electronic check payments and of course – Pay Pal?
LIke many decisions in business, it’s really best to consider what your customers want. If many of your customers are Pay Pal users, enabling Pay Pal payments makes the process much easier for them.

Your customers don’t have to pull out their credit cards and have another layer of security against fraud.
Pay Pal is partnering with Master Card to allow its customers to have a one time use Master Card virtual number, that can be used when buying things online. While this deal will make it easier for Pay Pal customers to use their Pay Pal accounts with merchants who don’t accept Pay Pal, it gives less of a reason to accept Pay Pal payments.
Market Watch writes PayPal’s new service, dubbed Secure Card, will be available through a software download that can automatically generate single-use MasterCard numbers that customers can use when they want to make payments to Internet retailers that don’t accept PayPal.
I often buy songs from Apple iTunes and like that I can use PayPal for the payments. Intead of pulling out my wallet each time to enter my credit card number, I can use PayPal.
If Apple and many of the 100 retailers accept PayPal, why wouldn’t you?