5 Technologies You Need for a Techno-Successful 2008

5.pngFor the New York Enterprise Report I wrote about 5 Technologies You Need to Succeed in 2008. One of the technologies was unified communications.
The traditional ways businesses communicate is through different devices for e-mail, telephone and fax. However, you may want to rethink how you communicate by considering a unified communications (UC) system.
Instead of using three different devices to receive faxes, e-mail and phone calls (or to check voice mail), use one device — your computer, smart phone or VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) phone. Just this change alone will not only save you time, but also help you more easily manage your communications. Your communications system and phone systems can now be fully integrated. Instead of keeping incoming faxes in a manila folder, saving e-mails in your e-mail program and writing voice mail messages on a piece of paper, you can store all of these in-bound communications on your computer by project, client or any other way you choose. Another advantage of a UC strategy is having the power of your phone system with you wherever you are. If you’re in a hotel in Asia, you can easily use your computer to connect to your sales manager, using a telephone extension, just as if you were using your office telephone. This is about responding faster, both to clients and internally.
Some of the companies in the tri-state area that specialize in UC include M5, Avaya, Time Warner Cable Business Class and Altigen or networking companies such as Cisco and 3Com.

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