84% of Small Business “No Media Tools”: Staples Inc.

staples.jpgAccording to the 2nd Annual Staples National Small-Business Survey, 84% of small businesses have not implemented “new media” tools such as blogs, and podcasts.
Listen, I know “new media” tools can be a bit difficult to implement. If you’re an older small business owner you’re probably just happy you can turn your computer on and surf the Internet. However, HIRE someone, a consultant or appoint one of your MySpace surfing staff to implement “new media” tools in your business.
Your web site developer should be able to help you.
Check out my Six Rules here.

The Staples’ study goes on to read When asked to compare their businesses to a track and field event at the Olympics, a mere 14 percent said their business operates like a relay race, with everybody working in tandem toward the same goal, whereas 26 percent think of business operations as a 100-meter dash, always sprinting and trying to do everything quickly.
Looking ahead to 2008, when it comes to key issues and politics, more than half of those surveyed said they have already started looking at the presidential candidates’ positions on small business. Almost 32 percent said the price of gasoline is the most important issue for them next year, with nearly 18 percent citing taxes as their hot-button issue.