Begging Customers to Come Back When They Don’t Buy

A “few” years ago, when I was one year from graduating from high school, in 1990, my Pastor came with me to purchase a gift for that year’s graduating senior (yeah, I went to a small school). We went to China Town in New York City to purchase a Sony Walkman. He was from Trinidad and very much used to “haggling” for the best price.
We walked into one of the little electronic booths and he haggled for a better price. When he didn’t get the price he wanted, he walked out of the store. Just before he made it out of the store, the shop owner yelled at him to come back and gave him a better price.
Do you know how many sales you are losing because you can’t yell, on your web site, and beg customers to come back and give them a better offer? Webfinity has an automated chat tool that pops up when customers get ready to abandon your online shopping cart.

Webfinity basically helps to increase sales from existing website traffic. This is achieved by preventing shopping cart abandonment and sales page drop outs because when the visitor tries to leave your website without purchasing our intelligent chat agent will activate and will try to persuade the visitor to make a purchase usually by offering a small discount as an incentive and will answer any questions the visitor may have to reassure them about their purchase and convert them into a customer.
Clients have access to a feature filled control panel where they can monitor statistics and update / change agent responses if they wish.
If you want to see Webfinity’s tool in action check out web host ipower’s web site and then type in the URL bar of your web browser to go to another web site – the automated script will pop-up.