Blocking Digital Threats Is Easy With The Right Tool: A Security Appliance

Security is probably one of the most important technology investments you should make in your business. You can have all the fancy hardware and software in the world, but if your technology is NOT secured, frankly, you’re going to leave yourself opened for hackers or ‘bad” employees to steal or destroy your data.
Securing your information can be expensive and a bit confusing if you’re doing it yourself. One thing you might want to consider is an appliance called “unified threat management”.
These devices integrate a range of security solutions in one device so you are secure cheaper and at a lower cost than buying these things separately.

Fortune Small Business writes about it here.
Larger companies have been able to keep their networks clean and their employees out of the back alleys of cyberspace with all-in-one devices that combine multiple layers of security capable of screening every byte traveling between the internal network and the web. However, these unified threat management (UTM) appliances cost several thousand dollars and require a crack IT team to install and manage them properly. Small-business owners who can’t afford them have often been forced to take a more piecemeal approach a spam filter here, an antivirus package there and hope they can keep up with the frequent updates those technologies require.
If you don’t have a dedicated IT consultant in your Rolodex or PDA – get one and ask them what solutions they have for securing your technology.