“Bounce”: It’s More Than Bouncing Back from Failure

bouncebookcover.gifSeveral years ago I was at a local networking event / panel discussion in New York City and the featured guest of the evening was Barry Moltz. I had no idea who he was and he definitely didn’t know who I was (nobody).
When I left the event – I was energized, informed and very much entertained by Barry’s presentation based on his book You Need to Be Alittle Crazy: The Truth About Starting and Growing Your Own Business
Barry Moltz is an author, sought after speaker (He’ll be speaking at the Third Annual Small Business Summit 2008) and consultant to small-medium sized businesses to help them GROW their businesses.
His latest book, Bounce, is about how to understand that “failure” happens during the normal course of business – and frankly; you have to accept it.
In Bounce!, you’ll learn the building bands for true business confidence which include:

  • Using humility to right size your ego
  • Making fear fly in formation
  • Using choices to embrace failure when it happens
  • Taking more effective risk taking
  • How process trumps outcome
  • Setting patient goals to establish your own scorecard
  • Creating your own brand of success

Bounce is NOT a “technology book” but has nuggets of information to help you use technology better. They include:

An excerpt from the book reads Jon Sapir has had a very successful career in technology. But over the past few years he had invested his life savings in his new company and never made a profit. As he reflects on what happens he sees the most important part is that “that you’ve to let go of the past. It’s the first step and it’s hard. You don’t like to accept the failure, but you have to.
Once you’ve accepted it, there has to be a period of looking around and really trying to understand what you learned and then how you can apply those lessons and move forward, and that’s the stage that I’m at right now. It’s just like any relationship except this one is with failure.

For those of you who have failed CRM implementations, or spent $50,000 on a telephone system that still doesn’t work quite right Bounce is will help you move FORWARD and have more successes than failures.
Personally, I think that for smart people, failure is simply a chance to learn valuable lessons, to impart those lessons to others and ensure a longer track record of success.

One thought on ““Bounce”: It’s More Than Bouncing Back from Failure

  1. Barry Moltz

    Thanks for the mention. I believe that you can learn something from failure sometimes. But let’s not depend on it. Sometimes thinking we have to learn from failure or thinking that failure is a pre-requisite for success actually hinders our progress. We need to look at success and failure just as part of the busines life cycle. Celebrate your successes, grieve your failures but then bounce! – Move on to the decision you have to make for your next great success!

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