Buy Technology For Function Not Cuteness

macbookair.jpgToday my sister and I were talking and she, like many others, was simply overwhelmed with praise for Apple’s latest wonder, the MacBook Air. I’ll admit the 3lb wonder is amazing – at $1,800 or $3,000 depending on the model you choose (80GB hard disk, vs 64GB solid state hard disk), it’s a pretty cute piece of hardware.
However, NEVER buy technology because it looks cute. First buy technology because it meets your needs, then buy based on looks or other features. If you are wondering if there are PC’s that are light and thin, of course there are. PC World touches on this here.
All the PC vendors have lightweight notebooks – often with more ports and hardware features than the MacBook Air.
Having said all of that, vendor reputation also means a lot. I’m thoroughly happy with my Apple iPod – the design is simply marvelous. Some days I think I want to buy a Mac. But my next notebook – to be purchased within a few weeks – is going to be a PC. My first criteria, is longer battery life than the less than one hour on my Lenovo 3000 N100. Granted it’s one year old and old soldiers can only go so far. My guess is that it’s not the notebook but that a new battery might be the trick needed to get a longer charge from it.