Buying Phone Service From Your PC Vendor And…

We all known Dell sells computers. They also sell printers and other computer accessories. They announced last week a deal with Fonality and Nortel to sell telephone systems to businesses as well. This is pretty big news.
Fonality is a neat company, carving out a decent position selling VOIP PBIX software and hardware bundles to small businesses to manage their telephone systems. Dell has picked them to sell telephone systems to Dell small business customers.
Fonality’s founder and CEO blogged about the Dell deal here. Intuit recently bought Homestead – so it now can not just sell financial solutions but also web solutions as well. HP bought Logoworks and sells logo and other marketing solutions.
What does this mean?

If you want buying technology to be easier for you – it’s going to get a lot easier as larger companies snap up (or partner with) smaller companies to sell products beyond the larger businesses core product offering.
Although Wal-Mart, has gotten some pretty bad press on its hiring practices – there’s one thing that people love about it. You get good value for your money. This is Dell’s model as well and a key decision in partnering with Fonality. They wanted to offer a solution that was good but didn’t cost a lot.