Email As a Service: Much Bettter Than Hosting Email On YOUR Server

mailtrust.gifIf you are still using your own email server, in your office, to service your email needs, you are doing a dis-service to yourself and your company, unless you have VERY specific reasons for doing so.
Outsourcing your email to one of the many email service providers on the marketd is the way to go. You don’t have to worry about managing hard disk space, upgrading software or security – you can focus on your business.
One of the long time leaders in this space, was purchased by the ultimate customer focused web host Rackspace in October. It’s recently changed its name from to Mailtrust.
In addition to the new company brand, Mailtrust announced the addition of Microsoft Exchange Hosting to its product portfolio. With the addition of Microsoft Exchange to Mailtrust’s flagship Noteworthy email hosting service, customers now have a choice of platforms depending on their size, functionality and budgetary needs.
You can get recommendations from other email service providers from your local technology consultant and also check out BlueTie which has a very robust and feature rich email service.