Excuses from Mom: Why I lost My Data When My Notebook Crashed

Wendy Piersall, of eMomsatHome.com writes how her notebook computer will not turn on and she fears she’s lost her data. Her entire professional life is on this piece of plastic and metal – but it’s not backed up and frankly – there is NO excuse.
Of course the main things she’s worried about is email. For your business it could be email, financial records, drafted contracts and proposals and more.
Sometimes I wonder how much I should write about a particular topic as I don’t want to bore you. However, clearly many of us are not getting the message. Backup is critical and relatively easy to do. There’s no excuse for not doing it.

Whether you decide to do online backup, computer to computer, or removable media (like a CD or DVD) is really up to you. I interviewed Jennifer Walzer of Backupmyinfo.com about this for an upcoming online video program.
Here are some online backup options:
Mozy (now part of EMC)
Iron Mountain
It’s easy to do:

  • Register
  • Download the backup software
  • Select the files to backup and how often
  • Press “ok” (or some other similar command)

Read Wendy’s story about how she lost her data here.
Online backup is not for everyone. There are dozens of very good offline backup solutions as well.

One thought on “Excuses from Mom: Why I lost My Data When My Notebook Crashed

  1. Ridgely Evers

    Excellent post, Ramon, on a topic near and dear to my heart!
    The real question, of course, is whether you should even have your data on a local drive at all. The reason that computers have fallen in price is at least partly attributable to the decision by manufacturers to use the least expensive components they can.
    With the breadth of online apps now available, it seems like it’s a high-risk strategy to use your local drive for critical data storage. I wrote about this in “Is Your Money in Your Mattress?”, based on some hard-won (bad) experience.

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