Why Email Is A Waste of Time

Email is of course one of the key communication channels for business users. Email is no longer confined to your email box but thanks to the use of mobile devices email is now accessible and is accessed pretty much all the time.
Sometimes you’ll find that you are slave to email instead of using email as a tool. Sure you do most of your communication via email but you’ll find that if you have ten things to do – maybe writing a proposal, filing away some paper, calling clients and other things – email is something you do more than you should because you’re not doing the other things you need to do. In actuality email turns out to be a distraction.
The New York Times recently offered some tips and advice on controlling your email here.

One thought on “Why Email Is A Waste of Time

  1. Peggy Duncan

    Email continues to get a bum rap. Just about everything that happens for me in business starts with email and I love it! I use the best email client and know all the tips and tricks (Outlook), keep my Inbox to one screen so nothing is falling through the cracks, and I stay organized so I can find answers fast. Email is not the problem…email management along with bad habits is what’s lacking.

    Peggy Duncan, Author
    Conquer Email Overload with Better Habits, Etiquette, and Outlook 2003

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