How To Run A Virtual Company

Having a corporate headquarters is nice, but there’s many people running their businesses quite successfully without one. They and their employees are in home offices or in offices spaces such as offered from HQ Global.
Web worker daily writes Michelle LaBrosse believes she knows how to motivate people. After all, the company she founded — Cheetah Learning — trains people to achieve their project management credential, the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Professional or PMP. She says that 97% of the people who attend one of Cheetah’s classes will pass their exam.
That focus on motivation trickles through to how she runs her 20-person firm, a totally virtual operation with people in Ohio, Connecticut, Nevada, California and Alaska. “I run a boss-free zone,” she says. “We don’t like people who want to micro manage. We also don’t want people who want to be babysat.”
How motivated is the staff? One person who had surgery wasn’t making plans to give herself time off for recovery. After all, the thinking goes, if we’re working from home offices, why can’t we do it while lying in bed? So LaBrosse offered her $5,000 to take off an entire week and let others pick up the slack. “She said it was the hardest week of her life,” reports LaBrosse, but she got the payoff.

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    I found a useful tool for allowing two people to collaborate online. And it’s free:
    It’s great for sharing your computer desktop with one other person. If you need to share with more than one person than they offer a paid version. But the 1-on-1 version is totally free with no trial period. I already had an AOL IM account so signing up for me took about a minutes. NOTE: You do NOT need an AOL account to use this cool tool. Enjoy!
    -Gene Sower

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