I’m Now Doing Online Backup And External Storage Backup

carbonite.gifToday, after relying on an external hard disk for my notebook computer for backup, I’ve turned to using Carbonite’s online backup solution.
In an earlier post, I told you about how one of the bloggers at eMoms lost all her data. This really freaked me out. I do backup my data but it’s not as consistent as it should be. I figured with online backup, I have another solution.
The process to start using Carbonite was easy and quite painless. Download some software, select what to backup and backup. The first backup will take some time, depending on how much data there is and how fast your Internet connection is. After that, Carbonite only backs up the data that changes.
Why did I choose Carbonite. Two reasons 1) the price 2) I’ve heard their advertisements so much on the radio.
Carbonite is about $50 per year. Moxy is about $5 per month.
I had so many choices, including my friends at Backupmyinfo.com – which offer very premium, 5-start service. I went with Carbonite as i had to choose something and I figured for ME they’re probably just as good as anyone else. I’ll keep you posted.