Is Your Business Home Based? “Pretend It’s Not”

I’ve been listening to podcasts from StartupNation and once you listen to these podcasts for more than a few minutes you not only learn but realize that there are so many home based businesses in the US.
StartupNation’s home based business 100 chronicles the top 100 home based businesses in a number of areas – most innovative, weirdest and other categories.
This reminds me that just because you have a home based business, does not mean you have to “act like” you have one with your technology. It should not be cheapened.

IT research firm AMI-USA writes .She estimated that the approximately 15 million HBBs in the U.S. would spend about $32.7 billion in IT and $19 billion in telecom in 2007 and this will rise to $35 billion and $19.5 billion respectively next year for these two categories.
Although HBBs are often grouped together with IT consumers, there is a greater interest among the former for scalability and storage in their technology purchases and less of a fixation on price, AMI-Partners has found.

The technology you buy for your home based business, needs to be as secure and reliable as the technology your corporate enclosed office business buys.
In fact since you have a home based business the technology you buy should probably be better and more secure than your peers. Why? You might have some children or a pet nearby. Being in a home based businesses means that you might not have a peer to turn to for help or a spare computer laying around.