Is Your Web Site Offering You Minimal Service and Support?

hubspot.jpgMy friend Brent Leary of Business Technology Radio uses HubSpot as his web host – I had never heard about it until I saw it reference on his web site.

Around the same time, someone else introduced me to HubSpot and suggested I check it out. I resisted checking it out as from my experience most web hosts are all the same – offering you a menu of web hosting features and management to host your web site. Pretty much what you expect – nothing more and nothing less.
HubSpot appears to be quite a bit different.
For a flat rate of $250 per month HubSpot gives you much more than basic web hosting services.

HubSpot makes it very easy for you to add content to your web site. Office Live and Intuit’s Homestead service have very good web site development tools as well.
What I really like is that HubSpot allows you to add an unlimited number of blogs, integrated into your web site. For most small businesses their web host is one service and then they have to setup a blog on TypePad, WordPress, or MovableType.
HubSpot’s software focuses on getting you better rankings in search engines. Often times hosting your web site is where web hosts stop at, it’s nice to see one that has built in search engine optimization components.
The other interesting neat thing about HubSpot is that it helps you analyze your visitors including how many times he visited, where he came from the first time he visited (i.e. Google keyword, a specific blog link, advertisement, etc.), whether he subscribed to your blog, which articles he commented on, which web pages he visited more than once, etc. When a prospect, “self-selects” by filling out a form on your website, his contact details along with all of the “intelligence” on him is populated into a tracker and you are emailed to follow-up with him.
I recently moved from Hypermart to another web site and am quite happy. I was very happy with Hypermart but moved the site for technical reasons.