IT Managers As “Green” Stewards

In many larger companies there is often someone, or even a small unit, tasked with sustainable development initiatives. They are the ones who make sure the building maintenance unit has a supply of ‘recycle’ trash cans and that the lights go dim in the evening.
However, the IT manager of a company, be it a Fortune 500 company or a smaller business also has a key role to play in ensuring a company is operating as best it can to be a good steward of the environment. writes Sustainability should be a key consideration when building IT infrastructure, according to a report by analyst firm Butler Group.
Mark Blowers, senior research analyst at Butler Group, pointed to significant cost savings of 10 – 20 per cent that can be achieved by going green and IT’s key role in meeting a company’s sustainability objectives…The report Sustainable IT Provision – Meeting the Challenge of Corporate, Social and Environmental Responsibility says companies need to move beyond thinking they are doing enough by buying into the green claims of many vendors.

As your company plans its growth and investments in technology analyze the type of technology you are buying.
Many companies are using recycled paper instead of brand new paper. Technology purchases should be thought of in a similar fashion. Consider buying hardware with intelligent software to minimize its energy consumption. Consider recycling the heat in a very hot server room for another use.
Terapass launched calculator to help businesses measure carbon emissions.

Their press release reads TerraPass unveiled the Carbon Balanced Business Program, designed to help businesses of all kinds balance out the carbon emissions created from their daily operations. This groundbreaking program gives businesses the opportunity to use an online carbon calculator to determine their carbon footprints. Just as with TerraPass’s Road, Home and Flight calculators, the Carbon Balanced Business Program offers free carbon calculator access with no registration required.
The TerraPass Business online calculator considers five aspects of a typical organization’s carbon footprint: on-site energy use, off-site server energy use, company vehicles, business travel and employee commutes. TerraPass’ online calculator will quickly and easily guide a business owner or employee through each of these areas, detailing what information is needed for the calculations and displaying each category’s emissions in a bar chart.