Learning from the Politicians: Obama

Politicians, especially those running for the Presidency, spend millions of dollars on their messaging and communications. Their web sites, especially in the last four – five years of elections have been a key component of their outreach.
Clickz writes how Obama’s campaign is using online communications pretty well. This includes web 2.0 – Twitter and SMS – mobile communications.
Click writes The Obama campaign had the foresight to register a vanity common short code (CSC) that numerically represents the word “Obama” (62262). This code is used during the mobile message alert opt-in process. While not new, the move is brilliant, considering his two closest opponents opted to use randomly generated codes instead. Essentially, a vanity code is akin to driving around with a vanity license plate on your vehicle — instant recognition.
Here’s another good Clickz article. It analyzes the email strategies of campaigns.
You do not have to spend millions to upgrade you online communications. You just have to be willing to do it and find someone to help you.
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