Losing Weight At the Touch of a Button

Although we try our best to be as digital as we can and lessen our use of paper, it seems that it’s something we can’t achieve.
If you travel a lot and receive a lot of paper, it not only weighs you down but is an annoying mess to organize at the end of the day. If you are often at a desk but find that you’re desk is often crowded with miscellaneous paper, using a scanner is a practical solution to clear your desk as well.
You could use a desktop scanner or use a smaller, portable scanner. Portable scanners are nice if you travel a lot and want to keep a handy tool in your bag or car at all times.
Another benefit of scanning paper instead of keeping it in yellow, coffee stained folders is that you can quickly find documents if when you have stored them you’ve saved each one with keywords, dates and other information.

Instead of licking your finger and flipping through a stack of documents you can type a few words and find the document you are looking for.
I.R.I.S. has released a portable scanner, IRIScan2, which you should check out. Other solutions include: Neat Receipts and Planon
If you do a simple Google search for “portable scanners” you’ll find several more scanning solutions.
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