Need More Storage? Virtualization Is the Answer

As your business grows one of the things you will always need is more storage space for you data. With each new employee, they need more email and other storage on your network. With each new project there are more records and data in your database. With each new client request there’s more video and audio. I could go on.
Traditionally if you need more storage you have to add more physical hard drive space. However, an increasingly popular option is virtual storage. Where you have one or more large arrays of hard disks and are able to dynamically allocate the space as need to which application needs them. This is virtualized storage.
A virtual environment, overall is where you are able to use hardware, like software. You have a physical computer but are able to operate various operating systems and applications on it, as it it were several machines. Read more about this here, from Vmware.
Virtual storage is similar. Dynamic allocation of storage. EMC recently made some announcements about their virtual storage products and services. Other companies such as StoreVault and IBM also have solutions.