Online Marketing Tips From An Expert

Online marketing works. If you do it right. If you spend $100 or $10,000 and don’t do it right, it’s not going to provide you the results you are looking for.
USA Today writes Specifically, this means that you have to put a lot of thought into your keywords. When giving speeches, I often state that picking the right keywords is akin to that old game show Match Game (sans Gene Rayburn and a woozy Brett Summers of course!) If the keywords you put in your ad match the keywords someone searches for, you will have a match and they will see your ad.
There are plenty of online keyword generation tools that can help you choose the right keywords, and Ms. Howard thought they are a good place to start. “But don’t stop there, be creative, and make sure to use the free tools. There is no need to pay for that service” she advised.

Online advertising is a great way to dip your toe into advertising – over print or radio advertising.

  • Your initial investment can be small
  • You can see immediate results
  • You can track the success of your advertising
  • It’s easy to place your own advertisements.

If you really want to boost your business, consider investing money with a company who can help you manage your online advertising initiatives. Salem Global is one company that does this, as do others.

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