Phone Attendent With Features You Need But Didn’t Know It

It seems like this week is the week of telecommunications. I’ve been inundated with several announcements and tips about phone systems. PhoneFusion, based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida has a virtual phone system that’s pretty feature rich and slick. The video they put together is pretty neat too I think.

There’s two features that are quite useful and not many services offer it.
When a call is coming in, you can quickly leave the person a message, such as “I’m in a meeting and will call you back”. I’ve heard of voice mail, but never heard of reverse voice mail.
If you are speaking on the phone and your call gets disconnected (maybe you went under a bridge or into a tunnel) PhoneFusion will tell the person on the other end to “hold on” while PhoneFusion automatically attempts to re-connect the phone.
Check out the video and their web site for a lot more information.

2 thoughts on “Phone Attendent With Features You Need But Didn’t Know It

  1. ph_geek

    Saw these guys at the IT show in Miami. What a cool concept. Finally making complicated UC into something everyone can understand. Very cool. Love the video! Who is that guy? too funny!

  2. serial-businessman

    I dunno, it’s good concept but how much will it all cost in the end? There are already established competitors like which offer most of what PhoneFusion does like vanity numbers and autoattendance.

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