Putting Your Cell Phone’s Voice Mail to Work For You

Cell phones are nice tools but one of the biggest pains is when it rings and when people leave voice mail. When it rings you often have to dig into your pocket or ruffle through a huge purse or bag to find it. When someone leaves a message you then have to listen to the message and wast time.
A few weeks ago I wrote about Call Wave and Simulscribe‘s voice to text service via SMS.
This week CallWave has come out of beta and is selling it enhanced voice mail service starting at $10 a month. it’s much more than voice to txt.
Like you may do on a home answering machine, you can now listen to your cell phone voice mail and answer it if you choose – while you are hearing the person’s message. This is a useful and productive feature.
CallWave Virtual Voicemail includes the following features:

  • Read Voicemail – CallWave transcribes voice messages into text. Users receive a summarized “gist” text message on their handset and can access full transcriptions and audio in their email or personal message portal.
  • Manage Messages as Easy as Email – A web-based personal message portal gives users an unlimited, permanent archive to hear, read, reply via text and call-back, share and search essential communications, including calls, contacts, voicemails and faxes. Accessible anywhere there is an Internet connection, the portal enables users to stay in touch with calls and contacts, even when abroad.
  • Screen Mobile Calls Just Like an Answering Machine – Users can now screen mobile calls, in real-time, just like an answering machine. Mobile professionals can listen to the caller’s voicemail as it is being left via their handset or desktop and choose to take the call or let it go to voicemail.
  • Unified Voicemail – Adding a new level of convenience and efficiency to daily communications, mobile professionals can get their mobile, work, and home voicemail messages in one place, transcribed to text.