Removing Silence & Adding Voice To Your Web Site, Email and More.

shh.jpgI’m not going to write much here, because I want you to go visit this site and LISTEN to it.

Vocalix Technologies Ltd. has a pretty neat service to help you add VOICE to your web site or email newsletter. There’s so many applications for VOICE that I never realized until I visited Vocalix.
At the basic level, you can record your voice (or use a professional) and Vocalix gives you a voice player to use to play the voice file. Maybe you want to enable customers to call you and give complaints or compliments about your service. It’s not convenient for people to email or leave comment cards. But the phone is still easier to use for many and the POWER of voice inflections is still something an email message cannot compete with.
If you want a complimentary or alternative option check out Sitepal for their talking character.
Here’s a few reasons why voice could be an asset to your business:

Vocalix’s web site reads:
Benefit 1 – Increase Sales and conversion
Overwhelmingly, voice increases sales and conversion rate on your web site. This can be up to as much as 300%, depending on your recording. Vocalix makes it so easy to use that you can add voice onto your website within minutes!
Benefit 2 – Create impact and direct visitors to take action
Having voice on your website engages visitors, build trust and establishes rapport. As you deliver your marketing message, you are also able to guide them to take the next step, thereby increasing conversion rate dramatically.

Benefit 3
– Build credibility and reliability
Enabling your visitors to hear your voice adds credibility to your website and message. Visitors are more likely to try products or services from websites they find reliable.
Customer voice testimonials serve to inject instant credibility to your offerings.
Benefit 4 – Increase time visitors spend on your website
The human voice has an uncanny ability to capture attention and generate interest so that the visitor spends longer on your website. It also increases the likelihood of visitors returning to your website. This gives you more time to establish rapport with the visitor and deliver your marketing message, thereby increasing sales.
Benefit 5 – Gives you the competitive edge
The internet is an crowded place. With literally millions of other websites, Vocalix allows you to access the human voice to deliver your message and customer testimoninals, creating reliability and trust. Others are already doing it… Gain that edge over your competitors