Telecommuting: It Can Do Marvels and Work Well If You Plan For It

Telecommuting does not have to be the last resort for your company. It does not have to be for those employees who have small children or who are “mentally” on the fringes of corporate life and on their way out soon any how.
In fact telecommuting can be a great asset for your business and help you attract and retain employees who other wise not be able or willing to work for you.
In 10 Questions Bosses Must Ask to Launch a Home Office / Telework Program helps guide managers through what can be a telecommuting minefield.
If you are spending a lot of money on facilities for your growing staff, telecommuting can also be a viable option to reduce space rental costs.
If your employees are reluctant to try telecommuting, here’s some help from

One thought on “Telecommuting: It Can Do Marvels and Work Well If You Plan For It

  1. Chessia

    Telecommuting can also be great for employee mental health-think about it, no frantic commute to wake up early for and the flexibility to give time to family when they need it. It seems to be flawless if your company can make it happen, except for those employees that are not self-motivated enough to work alone.
    If you haven’t heard of it, a service called ooVoo can be very helpful for those that telecommute. It is a free video-message system that can accommodate a 6 person conference call at the same time. It has great quality and is really easy to use for those employees that are not tech savvy. Its a great way to keep the team working toghether and feeling like part of a team. Ask me any questions of you have them

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