The Look vs The Feel Of Your Web Site

Clickz writers are so very smart and once again there’s a great article about the “look vs feel” of your web site which I highly recommend you read if you are serious about growing your business online.
Jack Aaronson writes A site’s feel is how it operates, or its modus operandi. When a site asks you to select the country you’re in so it can direct you to the appropriate localized Web site, one site may redirect you immediately when you click on an item from the list. Another may make you select the item and press the “go” button next to the list. Both sites basically look identical, but one site acts differently. Its rules about how it handles list boxes are different from the other site. The feel is different.
This is a powerful concept to grasp.
The first web site you built for your company was probably a digital brochure and nothing more. However it’s definitely the time to consider upgrades to your site, as I mention in one of my six rules.
You need to add social media tools to add interactivity to your web site. But you also have to boost the feel of your site and implement things that are not immediately noticeable but that definitely cause users to appreciate and really enjoy the shopping experience at your web site.
Let’s me give you an example from the world of fashion

There’s a lot of guys who wear suits. Some of them wear the top button un-bottoned and tie a bit loose – kind of sloppy I think (especially in a formal setting). Some guys have scuffed up shoes. Now you take the manager of your local Ritz Carlton. Simply impeccably dressed.
Sure, he has shoes. He has a suit. But HOW he wheres them and how they look on them is much different.
Your web site design is the same. You want to make it as easy to use as possible.