Upgrading Your Network = Upgrading Your Security and Features

Your first network was probably nothing more than some computers and a shared server. But not I bet you have mobile gear, external hard drives and possibly other networked devices. Networking these devices is NOT as easy as it should be – and networking companies know this.
At CES (the computer electronics show in Las Vegas) NetGear announced a new line of products and News Factor writes To meet this demand, Netgear’s latest wireless routers, bridges, and adapters all are based on the latest Wi-Fi specification known as 802.11n, which is capable of delivering signals at faster speeds, and over longer distances, than previous specs. What’s more, many of the company’s new wireless products feature Wi-Fi Protected Setup — a technology that allows consumers to connect clients to a network simply by pressing a button.
What does this mean to you?

As your network expands its important to standardize on the networking technologies you use. It’s best to purchase technology from one vendor to enable easier support and installation.
When choosing your hardware choose reliable hardware from vendors with proven track records of support, product development and innovation.
NetGear doesn’t hold a lock on good products, but it’s sure a leader.
Cisco, 3COM, HP, Dlink, Linksys and Buffalo Technologies all make networking gear.
If you are using the same hubs, routers and other hardware that you use 10 years ago, upgrading the hardware is advisable to obtain the enhanced features and security that a new set of networking technology would offer.