Using To Store Data (Not Just Shop)

amazoncom.gifWe all know that you can buy movies, clothes, watches, toys and more from But has opened up its massive data center to programmers to create services for sale (or their own use).
Maybe you have a huge computer program you want to run and don’t want your servers to crash – use’s. In many other instances entrepreneurs are using’s servers and creating value added services. One example is Bucket Explorer which is an interface for’s Simple Storage Service.
Cost is $29.99 for a license for Bucket Explorer and 15 cents per gigabyte.
Here’s what you can do:

  • Browse buckets and the files stored at Amazon S3.
  • Upload and download files, to and from Amazon S3 buckets.
  • Set Server Access Logging (Bucket Logging) for Audits.
  • Synchronize data between multiple computers.
  • Upload files in HTML format for Web Hosting.
  • Create public URLs and signed URLs to share the files.
  • Access shared buckets and files from someone else’s account.
  • Set Access Control on Buckets and Files for authorizing other
  • Amazon users or non authenticated users with different access rights.