Vote for the “I Will Just Start” $50k Winner and Be Inspired

Last Fall Intuit lunched an innovative contest to get budding (and “hidden”) entrepreneurs out of their corporate cubicles to launch the business they’ve always wanted to launch.
The process was very simple.
1) Submit a written or video essay to Intuit through Intuit’s I Will Just Start web site.
2) Judges (myself (Ramon Ray, Anita Campbell (Small Business Trends) and John Jantsch (Duct Tape Marketing) would select the top five essays
3) Step three is NOW.
Check out and vote for which of the 5 top essays should win $50,000.
In this contest, everyone’s a winner! Maybe you can’t win the $50,000 but you can ‘win” buy getting advice from Intuit and other small businesses focused companies in how to GROW your business.
Who are the top 5?

The Just Start semifinalists and their business ideas are:

  • Carmin David, Bolingbrook, Ill. – Daycare for kids with special needs.
  • Alissa and Noah DeRouchie, of Columbus, Ohio – Café-style restaurant with kid-friendly environment.
  • Daniel and Tina Garrido, of Seattle – Asian-inspired dog treats.
  • Joy LaFrance, of Natick, Mass. – Doggie daycare.
  • Suzanne Sprague, of Bremerton, Wash. – Personalized children’s music.