Will A Solid State Hard Disk Be On Your Next Computer?

hpdc7800.jpgFor years we have used traditional hard disks on computers. We press the on button, the hard drive spins up to speed, the computer ‘boots up’ and presto, we have the computer ready to use.

What if the experience was different? What if we turned on the computer (or just brought it from sleep mode) and similar to a digital clock, calculator or PDA less than 3 seconds later our computer was ready to use.
If your hard disk is a flash based hard disk, like the kind you use in your digital camera or cell phone – this is not a dream but a reality.
Hewlett-Packard is releasing a new computer with a solid-state hard disk as an option, writes PC World.
The HP Compaq dc7800 Ultra-Slim Business Desktop, dubbed by HP as its smallest enterprise desktop model, provides improved power efficiency and support for tools, including Intel’s vPro, that makes it easier to manage PCs.
Measuring 2.60 by 9.90 by 10.0 inches (6.6 by 25.15 by 25.4 centimeters), HP said this desktop is 46 percent smaller than previous models. The PC is loaded with power-efficient features, including solid-state drives (SSDs) that consume less power than hard drives, said an HP spokeswoman.