Your Choice Of Servers Has Expanded

Buying servers from Dell, HP or Gateway is not a difficult choice to make. All three of these major PC vendors have sold good servers for years. You could also buy a “white label” server from your local technology consultant – that she might build for you or resell from a computer wholesaler or some other brand – such as Acer.
Lenovo, the company that has been successful in selling ThinkPads and Lenovo branded notebooks and desktops, will license server technology from IBM and start selling servers, according to PC World
PC World writes Under the agreement, Lenovo will manufacture one- and two-way x86 servers based on IBM’s System x technology, which Lenovo will distribute under its own brand name.
What does this mean to you?

It means that if you liked buying notebooks and desktop from Lenovo, but had to buy servers from another company (such as IBM – the closest brand to Lenovo) you now have another option.
While many larger companies purchase servers like some women purchase shoes or like I buy ties, typical smaller businesses, depending on their type of business of course, need only a few servers to handle, file sharing, email (unless its outsourced to a company like BlueTie, web serving (but for most small businesses a web site should be outsourced to a web host).
No matter how many servers you need, however, the server must be stable and you should never know its there. It should simply work and work well. it is critical, probably even more critical than desktops and notebooks that your server is made with premium hardware, has a full scale of support options, is secured and hardened from viruses, malware and hackers and is backed up.
Your server is a key component of the minute-to-minute, and day-to-day operations of your business. Make sure it is very protected and works. Period.