Archive of February 2008

When Social Networking Goes Too Far: Fast Company Magazine

I’ve been a reader of Fast Company Magazine from issue number one. I’ve always found the smart blend of writing about small, entrepreneurial minded businesses; large entrepreneurial and innovative businesses and a great mix of in-between (individuals, politicians, culture and more) gives the audience rich information from month to month. From the very beginning I […]

The Future Of Your Small Business

Intuit’s third installment of the Intuit Future of Small Business Report, which looks ahead 10 years and examines the prospects, influences and profiles of small business, finds that : Next-Gen Artisans Fuel New Entrepreneurial Economy. Although I know you’re focused on the day to day aspects of your small business it is so important to […]

Scam Emails from the IRS?

Well, let’s clarify that a “small bit”. There is a scam that’s perpetrating to be a legitimate email from the Internal Revenue Service. Computer Associates, CA’s Brian Grayek provides these 6 tips for a safe 2008 tax season: 1. Don’t click on links sent by the “IRS” or a tax preparation firm. The IRS does […]

What Would You Do With $50,000? How About a Kid’s Restaurant?

Anita Campbell (small Business Trends), John Jantsch (Duct Tape Marketing) and Ramon Ray ( were judges for Intuit’s “Just Start” contest. The contest, of which there were 1,500 entrants, asked budding entrepreneurs what they would do with $50,000. We narrowed down the contestants to 5 and then the general public whittled down the list one […]

Multi Function Printers (MFP) as Security Risks

Your MFP is not just a simple printer. It’s a complex computer with built in storage, web server, processor and other juicy things that make it the target of a hacker who wants to gain valuable information you store on this device or that processes through it. eWeek writes “All the information that’s being printed, […]

Cable or FIOS: Which One Will It Be

The cable and telephone companies are in a massive fight for consumer and business “triple-play” services. They want to provide your internet service, telephone service and TV service – including, especially for businesses other services such as managed email, security, CRM and more. Which one will you choose? One is not better than the other, […]