Adding Powerful Imagery To Your Message

goldmail.pngEmail newsletters with color and images are popular because they add life and visual stimulation to otherwise boring and dull email messages. Of course more than the imagery with email newsletters you can get information on the success of your email campaign as well.

But sometimes you might wish you could take things up a notch by adding a variety of images, PDFs and Power Point presentations. With basic email programs you are limited by the nice, but meager imagery tools they come with. Hiring a Flash programmer is another option – but they can get expensive..

GoldMail Business is a powerful tool that enables you to put together slides of images or text; add your voice or message to the slides and share it with others via email, blog or web site.
GoldMail is one of those tools, like Sitepal‘s avatar, Flickr photo sharing and a number of widget tools that enable you to enhance the way you communicate online.
Ensure you have a good web site, blog and email newsletter first. Then think of ways to enhance the visual experience for the end user.