Business Books Via Audio: New Ways to Be Informed

simplyaudiobooks.jpgAs a kid one of my favorite activities, other than making Radio Shack electronic kits was reading. In fact I still have one childhood book, Horseman of the Plains – about the brave adventures of a young man in the rough Midwest of America’s early years. Now my reading library is piles of books on my bedroom floor and downloaded ebooks and snippets of books such as Seth Godin’s newest book, “Meatball Sundae”.

As a busy executive you know you need to read but often don’t have the time to read like you should. One option is to have books read to you via audio book downloads or CD. In a subscription model similar to Netflix, for $12 a month you can listen to one book at a time via CD or buy the book via MP3 download from
I’m sure none of us read as much as we should, hopefully audio books make our intellectual food consumption a bit easier and more convenient.