Finally…A Company That Focuses on the Customer

freshbooks.gifWhat I love about my perch as editor of is hearing about the many companies, mainly technology that serve small businesses. Many of the companies such as Intuit, Microsoft, Google, Symantec and more are quite well known. But there’s so man new companies as well or smaller ones that are not that well known.

I was recently introduced to Freshbooks, a service that helps you send and track invoices and collect payments.You can track the time it takes you on projects and bill accordingly as well. Check out the service at
But you know what’s most refreshing? Not the technology per se – that does seem nice, but the company’s dedication to service.
For example here’s how they show “love” to their customers:.

  • Rapid Response – By rule, customer emails are responded to within 2 biz hours.
  • No Robots – The service posts its phone number in large type on the homepage and answers the phone when customers call.
  • Hands On With Customers – FreshBooks maintains a playful blog where they discuss client dinners (CEO Mike McDerment frequently takes their small business customers out to dinner during his travels) and talk about things like their favorite snack food: Triscuits…and then when a customer in Fiji complained that he couldn’t buy them there, FreshBooks sent him a box.
  • Talk The Talk – No-corporate language is on the site.
  • Help People Grow – The company also helps its users benchmark their pay times against others in the industry.

When you find a company with good technology AND good service, with a focus on the customer, it’s quite refreshing