Fixing Computer Problems In Minutes

reimage.pngI have not tried Reimage‘s new service, but from what I’ve read it looks interesting.

If you have a computer problem, Reimage remotely takes a look at your computer, analyzes the software against it’s database, takes out what should not be there and adds what needs to be there. Most PC problems are software, not hardware based so this saves the need for a technician.
Another service you could check out is from PC Clean Machine which also remotely repairs your computer problems.
Last week my DSL line, all the sudden went dead. I called Earthlink and the technician took my through his entire script. Finally the problem was escalated to the next tier of support and remotely the technician upgraded my modem. Problem instantly solved. Being able to get help quickly – without a technician saves money and time.
Clean Machine CEO and founder Larry Gordon said “We provide small businesses owners with the most comprehensive PC and laptop management and security solution available. We invite small business owners to compare us to the Geek Squads when it comes to providing comprehensive and cost-effective PC security and system optimization.”