Intelligent Project Management: Assists With Better Forecasting

liquidplanner_logo_150x66.jpgProject management software helps professionals manage projects, keep track of responsibilities, manage deadlines and more. However, project management software is only a tool and is only as good as the data input into it.

In project management, like the financial plan of a brand new business, there is a lot of forecasting that goes into the project with the hope to get an accurate picture of the next deadline – leading to the final project deadline.
If you’re managing building construction, for example, and you think it will take 10 trucks, 5 hours to go from the concrete making site to the building being constructed and it really takes 10 hours due to traffic, this puts the next item in the project off. To many of these bad estimates means you could lose money or not be hired for the next project.
A new project management tool, LiquidPlanner, is built with intelligence to provide the means to factor the uncertainty that inevitably accompanies every project. Every time a project is completed, Liquid Planner is able to take this information and help the team more accurately predict the next phase of the project more accurately.

Uncertainty exists in every project and has the potential to undermine project success. However, just because uncertainty exists doesn’t mean it can’t be effectively managed, and that’s precisely what LiquidPlanner is designed to do, said Charles Seybold, CEO and co-founder of LiquidPlanner.
Today’s project management landscape is crowded and largely homogenous as each product works largely on the same underlying principles.
For example, most traditional project management tools employ single point estimates to calculate how long a specific task might take. These estimates are then simply added up to generate a project completion date. The Liquid Approach to project management is fundamentally different as it unites ranged estimates with statistical analysis to determine the probability of completing a task or project by a certain date. The result is a dynamic project schedule that empowers project managers and their teams to literally see where a project is most likely to break down — and then remediate those issues before a project gets derailed.
Microsoft Project is probably one of the most well known project management tools. A quick search of Google reveals dozens and dozens of other project management tools, some of which I’ve brought to your attention already.
37 Signal’s Basecamp is pretty neat and is used by a number of notables, including John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing.
You might also find Atttask and Clarizen to be useful tools.
Finally many of the database software (hosted and traditional) such as Quickbase, Microsoft Access, FileMaker and Alpha Software have project management templates you can download or purchase.

One thought on “Intelligent Project Management: Assists With Better Forecasting

  1. Anna Smith

    I have come acress a Project Management Tool which Share Microsoft Project schedules with team. Includes Project Portfolio Management, Issue Tracking, Risk Management, Timesheet Management, Document Management, Calendar Management, Forums, Reports and Project Dashboard.
    A good hosted Project Management software that suits my EPM needs is called valleyspeak project server, which I found at One of the main reasons why I like the software is the fact that I could continue to work in Microsoft Project 2007 while sharing my Microsoft Project plans with my teams.
    ValleySpeak Project Server is a hosted project management solution which can be used by Project Managers to publish, control and execute projects in real time, while continuing to make full use of Microsoft Project 2007.
    Because it is a hosted service, I did not have to buy expensive software or deal with installation and maintenance headaches. The functionality that I have with valleyspeak to manage my geographically dispersed teams works well for me. We also evaluated Basecamp and some other solutions but were not impressed.

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