Listen to Voice Mail Via Your Smartphone’s Web Browser

gotvmail.jpgOne of the frustrating things about getting voice mail is that a) you don’t know who it is from and b) you don’t know what the voice mail is about – hence you have to take the time to dial your voice mail. Quite an annoying process. Services like Simulscribe and Callwave help with this by sending you an SMS of your voice mail – but it’s a shortened version of the message.

Virtual phone service Gotvmail recently announced a new feature, enabling you to access your Gotvmail voice mail without dialing into voice mail. You can use any Smartphone or PDA to access your voice mail via the web – this service is dubbed, “Play It On Mobile”.
With “Play It On Mobile” all GotVMail voicemail notification emails will include a Web site URL link. To listen to the voicemail, users simply click on this link, GotVMail detects the brand and model of the mobile device being used, and a supported media player is launched to play the voice message – right on the mobile device. With “Play It On Mobile” there are no additional software downloads or installations required. Simply open your email, click on the Web link on your mobile device, and listen to the voicemail.