My Newest Power Tool: Tungle

Besides Skype, Microsoft Messenger, and Windows Live Desktop Search I don’t have many other tools in my task bar. But there’s two tools that I love. Anagram’s Ctrl+C which lets you quickly and easily input contact information from any Windows application directly into Microsoft Outlook. I used to spend several seconds per day inputting contact information from emails and other locations into Outlook.
The other MUST have tool I use is Texter. This little gem, lets you type abbreviations and then it will type whatever text is programmed for the abbreviation. For example, I can type – “SBT” and text automatically enters: ( This saves a lot of time.
The other gem I was just introduced to is Tungle. If you work with more than 2 people to make schedules for phone calls or other appointments, you know the pain of having one say yes and one say no. Instead using Tungle which automatically receives the availability of the other parties and then automatically gets a time that is agreeable to all.