Scrubbing Email Addresses To Reduce Bounces in Email Marketing Campaigns

I think it is amazing the neat tools that are created to solve problems. Melissa Data has a number of products and services for companies who need to capture and analyze addresses and other information for direct marketing campaigns. One of the annoying parts of capturing information is email addresses. Often times people will make a mistake in entering their email address. Or the email address you capture on a web site is not complete or is inaccurate.
Melissa Data has a new tool, “Email Object” that removes invalid characters, as well as verify, correct, and update the domains of email addresses in batch or at point-of-entry to reduce undeliverable/bounce-back emails and increase response rates every time you hit send.

The press release reads Marketers run into some common problems while capturing data. “Customers sometimes enter ‘!’ instead of ‘@’, or double periods ‘..’ between the domain, or even misspell top level domains such as ‘con’ instead of ‘com’,” said explained Bud Walker, Data Quality Tools Product Manager for Melissa Data. “These would all be corrected with advanced syntax checking and save the programming time companies use to develop custom email validation rules.” Email Object offers three optional degrees of verification: syntax check, local database lookup, and MX-record lookup to ensure only legitimate email addresses are saved to the database.
Having clean data means what you send via email won’t get bounced back due to an incorrect email address.
Get a free trial of Mail Object here and let me know if it’s helpful for your business.