Selling Online – Watch Out for Typos

typobuddy.pngWhen selling online, it’s important to type the right words so people can find what you are selling. Maybe you are selling a hot Apple Ipod. If you spell it Ipid, not many people, but those who have also misspelled the word, will find it. If you are spending thousands of dollars on cost-per-click advertising spelling is even more important.

For those of you who want to find items that are mis-spelled there’s a special site just for you at Typo Buddy.
Using Deal Locker’s new Typo Buddy tool, users can quickly and easily find misspelled listings for popular items, and since these hidden listings often have go unnoticed buyers can save big.
Typo Buddy is one of those tools you never knew there was a market for – but now you know about it.
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