Sending Credit Card Numbers and Other Sensitive Data via Email

How many times have you had to send sensitive email to someone else, via email? How many times have you first encrypted the information before sending it? If you are like “most” people, especially busy, time starved and cash strapped small businesses you’ve not done it at all.
You probably think, “nothing’s going to happen”. You are probably right – nothing will happen MOST OF THE TIME. But all it takes is ONE time for that very important email to be read by the wrong person for your business to be fined, lose the trust of clients, or worse.
To prevent this, make sure all your employees have the option of sending email securely and without worrying if the email has been read by someone who should not have read it.

Your email could be read by hackers, or “bad apples” at any ISP your email goes through. Or maybe Jim is sitting at John’s computer when your email comes to John’s email address and Jim reads your email not John – by accident or intentionally.
According to a new survey by Intermedia, a hosted email provider, of 500 business users:
– 76% send credit card information or social security numbers via email
– 87% send contracts and legal documents
– 56% of users believe – incorrectly – that ‘email is secure’
Intermedia has a pretty simple and low cost solution, Secure Mail, that lets you (from within Outlook) make one click and secure an outgoing email message. The message is completely encrypted so only the recipient who knows the password can open the email.
Intermedia’s solution is one of many. Select the one that best meets YOUR needs.
According to the Intermedia press release:
Many businesses must comply with regulations that enforce rules dictating email privacy and information archiving. For example, the SEC specifies that electronic storage media preserve records exclusively in a non-rewriteable and non-erasable format. Sarbanes-Oxley requires saving sensitive material for auditing purposes, while HIPAA mandates strict confidentiality around patient information. Further, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) were changed in 2006 to recognize and account for electronically stored information such as emails and instant messages.
The Secure Mail service will cost $7.95 per mailbox as a monthly fee, with a setup fee of $7.95 each. This is a fraction of the cost of traditional public key infrastructure (PKI) encryption systems, which also take a great deal of effort to deploy. A major benefit of the system is that recipients of the encrypted mail do not have to have the Intermedia software installed, but can pick up their messages via a secure Web connection.

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  1. A secured customer

    Another solution that doesn’t force you to install software and will allow you to send secure files from anywhere in the world: – works great and doesn’t require any training. You can be setup within a couple of minutes and you can even make the service look like its a part of your own website. Great solution for companies who send multiple files back and forth to their clients (accounting firms/benefits companies, etc)

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