Slow Down….When Buying A Domain Name

yellow-traffic-light.jpgWhen considering a name for your web site address (domain name) or the name of your blog, slow down. Don’t rush and just pick any name that pops into your head.

Think – how would this sound on CNN. How would it sound in a radio advertisement. Is it easy to remember. Does it sound like a competitors? Is it easy to spell?
Web Host 1&1 did a study, ‘SMB Domain Choices Study’, that found 42% of small businesses spend less than an hour thinking about this very important decision. Of course you can have more than one domain pointing to the same place.
The study reads It is therefore not surprising that many American businesses believe that their choice of domain name could have been better. 1 in 4 businesses (28 percent) admitted to wanting improvements in either their domain name wording or suffix (e.g. .biz). Furthermore, a significant one third (37 percent) believe that their sales revenue would improve as a direct result of a change in web address. Alarmingly, about 1 in 4 of these businesses (23 percent) said they were unwilling to attempt a change in domain name because they believed it would involve a lot of work. There is a clear danger that a number of businesses continue to use an undesirable domain name while recognizing it could be having a negative impact on their business.
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