Using Technology As An Investment & Taking Money When Offered

coupon2.gifIf I go to the store, with a $20 bill, most likely I’ll come back with about 3 – 5 items – all overly priced and not on sale. If my wife goes to the store with a $20 bill she’ll come back with an entire shopping cart of things – all on sale and discounted.

How do you shop for technology? Like me or like my wife?
Of course when you purchase technology products and services it’s not quite like shopping in a supermarket with coupons available to you, but the principle of buying technology as an INVESTMENT and strategic implementation is so important.
With this in mind, Microsoft is investing $10 Million in subsidies to provided you with a rebate check of between 10 and 22 percent off of qualifying new software purchases. Let me explain.

Let’s say you’ve always wanted a better collaboration system for your company.
You’ve been using email to manage projects and share documents; reading my “Technology Is Not the Answer: Six Rules” and know that email is NOT CRM; frustrated that your staff can’t quickly access often used documents and you know it’s time for a better solution.
Microsoft wants to encourage you to work with your local Microsoft technology partner, and will give you a check towards additional products or their implementation services. You can learn more about this offer at
This is not the first time Microsoft has run this subsidy program. If you missed it the first time, there’s no excuse why you should miss it this time.
If you have decided to be a “Microsoft centric” business these kinds of deals are invaluable to save you a considerable amount of money – especially if your business is is planning to GROW and not be stagnant.
If you’re not sure of which technology platform you want to power your business, look around and consider a) which technology will meet your needs now b) which technology will meet your needs in the future c) which technology provider can best meet your needs d) consider hosted application / software as a service providers.
You have so many options, including using a mix of options. Overall, however, partner with one or two SMART and truest local partners – be they Microsoft or other wise – to help you use technology as a tool to grow your business.