Membership Networks: Do They Add Value?

zananetwork.jpgI’m sure you are quite familiar with MySpace, FaceBook and LInkedIn. These social networks have a verity of uses, depending on your needs. MySpace is focused more on the teen crowd and appears to be liked by many music labels. FaceBook started with the teen market but is used by more and more professionals to “keep in touch” with each other. LinkedIn is the place to be if you want to connect with someone at a company and need help making a direct (or 3rd party) connection to them.
I was recently introduced to a new network, marketplace and information portal – all wrapped into one: ZANA Network.
If you want to buy from the ZANA Network it’s free. To sell there’s a 90 day membership of $50 and to enjoy many of the benefits of ZANA Network you have to join, but there’s two resources you’ll find very useful, and these appear open to anyone.

There are about 20 videos on a variety of topics, such as import-export, legal issues and stories of entrepreneurs.
ZANA Networks business guides include information on starting, managing and growing your business.
The business essentials component of ZANA Network contains information on finance, insurance and real estate in addition to tools for credit checks from Dun & Bradstreet and more.
Finally ZANA’s Global Market Resources section contains information for companies wishing to expand globally.
ZANA Network reminds me of BizBuyer, now owned by Reed Business Information where buyers and sellers get together and and, two portals rich in information for businesses (big and small).
I encourage you to check out ZANA for yourself and see if it is of value for your business. At about $17 per month, ZANA provides you with one resource with a variety of tools and information. A lot of the information ZANA provides you can get from resources such as SCORE, SBA, Inc Magazine, New York Enterprise Report and the resources mentioned above.
What other membership based networks have you found useful for your business?