Why Tom Tom Beats Garmin: Web Site Navigation

garmin-website.jpgI am currently in the market for a GPS system for my car. I’m not looking to spend $500, but somewhere less than $200 is just fine. I went to the web site of Garmin (pictured here) and Tom Tom, two leaders in GPS systems, to see which brand I wanted to purchase.

Garmin’s web site is a sloppy mess of dozens of GPS devices. Sure there’s a tool that lets you compare various systems, but how in the world do I even know what to compare.

Tom Tom’s web
site on the other hand is SO refreshingly simple. They lay out the various models so you can easily see how they differ and what the costs are. It’s wonderful.
I also checked out the web site of Magellin and although their web site is not as good as Tom Tom’s it’s refreshingly better designed than Garmin’s.
What does this mean to you?

If you have a web site and want to ensure customers come back again and again, it’s vital that you create an easy to navigate and use web site.
One lesson to learn from Garmin’s web site is that although you might have a LOT of products, make sure you display them on your web site so that customers can easily decide what they want to purchase. I’m sure Garmin makes great products, but I’m surely not going ot click through all 36+ of their car navigation devices to see which one is for me at my price point!
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Building a web site is very easy, but building a web site that makes people click and buy takes more than just throwing up images and an online shopping cart.